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Certified Life Coach and Energy Healer

Hello, my name is Iris He.
I'm a Transformation life Coach and energy healer.
I'm a “life-tour guide” who can help you manifest the life you desire

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Emotional Balanced

Guide you to move up the emotional scale and live a more harmonious and joyful daily experience


Support you to update your belief system and live the best version of you

Boost Your Energy

Introduce the things and activities that will bring more zest to your every day life.

Work Life Balanced

Learning the art of balance and co-create with universe

Our Showcase

We offer variety services like group coaching, 1on1 private coaching, healing, retreat and circle services. Click the image to read more.

Years of Practice
Healing sessions
Circles & Meditations

Our Method

Discover what make our service efficient and effective by click the information below:


Your current vibrations and outlook on life may be blocking your energetic flow, hindering you from being the best that you can be. Free from your past can support you to reach for the best life can offer by striving for your greatest potential.

Increase energy flow in our bodies

Accelerates the body’s self-healing abilities,

Heal wounds from past life and past experiences

Remove energy blockages and enhance positive viberation.

Reduce and support physical pain like back problems, migraines, insomnia

Clear the old recycled Karmic wounds and block which affect our body, life

Aligning your dream life

All of us have the ability to align yourself and manifest our desires. A manifestation can be as simple as an extra $100 per pay cheque, a car, or something big, such as having a dream job, nurturing a relationship, or overall financial prosperity. We will learn to access the correct and necessary power to make the things we desire happen.

Reconnect to our Essence and who we really are

Manifest and create the life that we desire, effortlessly

Connect and align positively to life purpose and to deep longings

Connect with earth,universe and higher power to support your life journey.


Meditation is a habitual process of training your mind to focus and redirect your thoughts. You can use it to increase awareness of yourself and your surroundings. Many people think of it as a way to reduce stress and develop concentration.

Enhances Self-Awareness

Improve cognitive function

Step out of confusion and finding more clarity, quieting the noisy mind

Release tensions, reduce stress and anxiety and improve your sleeping quality

Ground into the Earth and improve relationships in the physical dimension

Empower You

Our coaching is like ” Mental workout”. Our goal is to help you to assess your current situation and belief patterns , then start the “iRise” The iRise Workout combines the Law of Attraction, visualization, scripting, and affirmations to create a costumed “workout” for you. Eventually support you to build the life skills work for you.

E-Empower you to commit to your goals

M-Motivate you to secure time on your action plan

P-Ensure you persist on the path of success through positive feedback

O-Provides on time feedback based on your experience of current state

E-Constant evaluate your progress and update the the coaching plan.

Train Yourself to Exercise in the Morning in Just One Week.

Apply universal laws

The Universe is perfectly balanced by natural and moral laws with regulatory vibrations to maintain order, when you work within the laws you can effortlessly be assured of an eventual positive outcome. Law of attraction, law of love etc natural laws will be applied to coaching session.

Healing session enhance your magnet to attraction your desire life

Law of Gratitude will applied to support lift up your emotion

Law of unconditional love will allow you give freely

Law of abundance break the limitation in your life.

Change Your belief, Change Your Results !

Change=Awareness+Action. Simply taking action won’t get us to where we want to be. Change our mindset is the biggest step before any action. We will work with your believe system and align with your destiny.

Dive deep in beliefs system to understand ourselves

Identify what serve you and what no longer serve you

Work on the belief no longer works for you-transform and delete

Program you in a new belief system


Iris is professional yet personal, spiritual yet practical, peaceful yet energetic life coach. She led me through winding path of physical and spiritual healing with her holistic methodology enriched with passion and care. In her presence, the harmonious energy is almost palpable.

Ray Rogers

Iris' spiritual healing helped me move in a more positive direction at his workplace . I am much more conscious of how others may sometimes intrude in my personal boundaries.

Dalibor Kovacevic

Iris He is one of the remarkable leaders who offers gentleness and courtesy as a model for cooperation and inspiration. She is a genuinely honest and earnest human being who leads with an open heart programs that deliver profound personal growth.

Laila Ghattas

“Iris is a beautiful and intuitive person who has much to offer those who desire a more meaningful and happier life. Her offerings can truly transform a life.

Casandra Bryant

Iris' passion to draw together community and support women on a holistic path is genuine and sincere. I am grateful for the heartfelt and dedicated effort she put forth to establish a Women's Wellness Circle in Mississauga.

Jill Hewlett

Iris' work at our house was very interesting. She definitely made it a more positive space to attract more visitors during our open house. Iris' comments for me were insightful, especially around my role in the workplace.

Cynthia Chau


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